Jun 10

Looking for a Fathers Day Gift?


 Read our top 3 Father's Day Ideas

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Apr 15

Italian Cheese and Wine

Italian Cheese and Wine Tasting Guildford

Italy – land of so many wonderful foods!

We love the variety of cheeses that can be found in Italy as well as the gorgeous wines that can be put with them.   We recently ran an Italian tasting with the Surrey Wine School where we combined 6 cheeses with 6 wines.  The tasting began with a soft, buttery young cheese called Bel Paese which means ‘beautiful country’ and paired it with a fresh, dry Prosecco.  This light, inviting combination showed that Italy isn’t just about full bodied reds like Chianti or rugged strong cheeses like Parmesan (although we tried that later in the evening!).

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Jan 16

Cheese Geek: Those crunchy bits in Cheddar aren't salt...


Many people think those crunchy bits in very mature cheddars are left over salt (sodium chloride) from the cheesemaking process. This isn't actually the case even though salt is used in making the cheese. The crunchy bits are actually two things depending on whether they are on the inside or outside of the cheese.

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Nov 28

How to create the perfect Christmas Cheeseboard

Christmas cheeses

As the festive season approaches, buffets are set, dinner parties are hosted and hospitality ramps up it’s easy to forget that a cheeseboard can be an easy-to-make impressive addition to any celebration.  Rather than leaving it to the last minute and simply grabbing whatever is nearest, here's some top tips to create an impressive cheeseboard.

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